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"The red edifice with the tower
Has an abounding history
The big hall keeps the memory
for people`ve created a theory..."

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The National High School in Finance and Business (NHSFB) in Sofia is a descendent of the Sofia High School of Commerce for Boys, which was founded in 1913 with the initiative and with the financial support of the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Since it came into existence, NHSFB has been regarded as a respected and preferred vocational high school. Thousands of experts have received their education in economics in the school and have graduated it with the qualifications of an "economist-accountant". The general and field-specific knowledge that the students receive at the school gives them a firm basis and guarantees an outstanding performance in educational institutions and the industry.

The socio-political and economic factors in our lives change, and this changes affect the school education: the vocational and methodological training of the teachers is diversified, the pedagogical techniques they use are improved, the educational programs and materials are updated, the contacts with research and cultural institutes, educational institutions and secondary schools outside the country are expanded, modern and functional facilities are built. With the efforts of dedicated and creative teachers and students, as well as the cooperation of other social and economic organizations, the school will continue to educate experts in economics at a secondary level in a way which meets the European standards

It has successfully realized an educational project with Austria concerning the Economics and Management and Entrepreneurship and Management specialities

With the help of Austria on the frame ECO NET project was built a modern Educational-Training Centre in Economics where work Educational-Training Firms (ETF) which simulate a real business environment. The Educational training firms have successfully been participating in national and international fairs.

Within the frames of the Bulgarian-Austrian Grand Matching project “Young Entrepreneur” of Rotary Foundation has been working  an Impulse centre for training in entrepreneurship

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