1 Rozova dolina Str.
1421 Sofia

Tel. + 359 (02) 866 20 13
Fax. + 359 (02) 866 13 09

The history of the school in dates

1913 Opening of the Sofia High School of Commerce for Boys

1930 Official opening of the building on 1 Rozova Dolina Str.

1931  Girls were admitted at the School for the first time.

1934  A probationer Institute for training teachers in economic subjects was opened at the School.

1943 Sofia Trade High School was divided into two schools: First State Model High School for Gentlemen and Girls High Trade School.

1951 It was renamed to Model Technical School in Economy

1955 It was renamed to Model Economic Technical School

hool in Finance and Business.

1999 The School's statute was acknowledged as a National one and it was duly renamed to National High School in Finance and business (NHSFB)

2004  The NHSFB was associated with the University for National and World Economy (UNWE) and UNWE grants a quota for students admission.

Rozova dolina Str.
Rozova dolina Str.

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