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The National High School of Finance and Business (NHSFB) in Sofia is a descendent of the Sofia High School of Commerce for Boys, which was found in 1913 with the initiative and with the financial support of the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

.Dr. Neycho Jvanov
Ph.D. Neicho Ivanov, Principal 1913 - 1946

The Sofia High School of Commerce for Boys has left us its rich traditions in educating, training and re-training experts with a secondary degree in economics.

The school's chronicles

The vocational training of the students includes a rich program in core subjects and foreign languages, an up-to-date training in economic theory and practis communication. The school cooperates closely with financial and accounting departments, research institutes, and cultural information centers in Western European countries. Their support makes possible the update and modernization of the school's facilities.

Since 1992 in the National High School in Finance and Business an educational project of great importance between Bulgaria and Austria has been developed - Economic and Management, Entrepreneurship and Management and ECO NET.

May 9, 2010