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Events in the life of NHSFB

March 2010



A final solemn conference of the Bulgarian-Austrian project in entrepreneurship

April 2009
A great success for the NHSFB!
Young entrepreneurs of the National High school in Finance and Business got a second place in the prestigious competition of Bank Austria for the Best business plan, II category – “The best business idea”.
It is the first time that in the competition which has 2 categories, take part teams of foreign countries. NHSFB participated in the competition with 9 teams of the Entrepreneurship specialty. The students presented their projects in German and English.
The team of 10 G class (Ralitsa Sapunova, Petya Velichkova, Milena Sapunova, Kristina Marinova, Viktoriya Vutova achieved the best result.
The winners got a prize of 1000 Euro as well. Congratulations to all our participants in the competition!!!

Eкипът представя своята бизнес идея
On May, 30th 2009, the Day of Open Doors, the winners presented their business idea in front of public.

An open doors day –

Final meeting of Viewers project in Paris

March 2009
The final meeting of the teams participating in the International School project Viewers-Virtual European Fashion Enterprise after the European Union Comenius programme. According to theschedule of the project the students had to present fashionable youth clothes in a revue.
Our participants Mariela, Magdalena, Katrin and Renate, students  in 11 B class presented the Bulgarian collection with original choreography.



A joint development of diploma projects
Students from NHSFB and HAK International, Klagenfurt, Austria developed jointly and presented successfully and defended diploma projects.

Participations in International Educational-training firms’ fairs
ETF Dionisius Ltd. Took part in the Educaional-training firms’ fairs in Prague and Vien from 21st to 23rd March 2006. Their catalogue was rated as a third best at the Fair in Prague.




Visiting Austria

9 k4, a class intensively studying German, visited Austria on Europa Wohen project for mutual interschool activity.
March 2006

Leader of the group: Mag Maria Tschokel – ateacher in German








May 9, 2010